Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reality Check

It’s scary to me how people see God as a celestial Santa Claus, dropping gifts at our call.  As a parent, I see things that my child does not have the knowledge or ability to understand.  Kazai wanted a cell phone at 6 years old.  I didn’t feel that she needed one and knew that she was not responsible enough to have one at that time.  I knew that she would lose it and since she did not understand the value of money or know that it was not a toy, it was unrealistic to make the financial commitment.  I knew that I had to teach her responsibility with smaller items so that she could have the experience when the time came to appreciate the gift when it would be given.


I feel that God does that with us as His children.  Just I would not give Kazai a cell phone at 6 or the keys to my car at 8, I sincerely believe that God responds similarly.  Quite often, we feel neglected or abandoned when we do not receive answers to prayers or opportunities that we feel we deserve.  The answer isn’t always yes or no.  Sometimes, the answer is wait. 


A loving parent would never give a child something that would hurt them or they are not ready to receive.  Our lives are filled with various experiences to give us the foundation and preparation for our future. 

Never compare yourself to others.  It is truly a trap that keeps you and your energy from focusing on your path. In addition, you never know what people have gone through to get where they are at this time.  From the outside, it looks glamorous and appealing.  Behind closed doors, we are unaware of the struggles, trials, and pain an individual has endured.  In our current place, we must be thankful and continue to preserve.  Recognize that mistakes are also a part of our journey.  I know I couldn’t do what I am doing if I had not had acquired the experience and made numerous mistakes.  I know that ten years ago, I did not have the maturity, skills, or knowledge to even maintain what I have now.  In due time, if it is truly a part of your life purpose, you will receive it!  Be patient and know that God is on the throne!  

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